New Year, New You!

new years

Ways to create a better year

  1. Confess to and forgive those who have hurt you. Make sure that those who have hurt you know exactly how they hurt you, and why you were hurt. Tell them, it doesn’t really matter how, just do it. Then forgive them; you don’t even have to tell that they have been forgiven. You forgiving them is for you and only you. Breathe and let go.
  2. Be realistic about your resolutions and goals in life. You should always have goals, and when you set them they should be achievable. You need to make sure that you know what these goals are, and the steps that you need to take to make them happen.
  3. Affirm positivity in your life. Make a conscious effort to work on you and your happiness. Let go of being the victim. Let go of every negative feeling, person, and thing in your life.
  4. Happiness. You need to rely on you, and solely you, for your happiness. Your happiness is the only priority, no one else’s. Do not allow anyone to doubt you, including yourself. Learn to enjoy time by yourself. Only do things that you want to do, nothing more, and nothing less. And remember, “don’t let the sadness of your past, and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.”
  5. Take breaks from social media. Go outside, do something! Learn a new skill, or read a book! Allow your mind to take breaks from the constant inflow of information. Give yourself time to be you.
  6. Do not give up ever; everything is not going to be shits and giggles. There are going to be extremely hard days, but you cannot let those get the best of you. There are too many good days ahead for you to miss out. Just be sure to pick yourself up after 24 hours max, and keep going because you are worth it.

Keep it classy,

– T.Renae


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