The Queen has Arrived

The other day I had the opportunity to see Queen Bey herself in concert. I have to say the energy and excitement were too real. She did an amazing job at everything but the thing I thought was the most creative were the videos she had in between costume changes. I have no idea if it was because of her new self titled CD or if that was in the show all along. However that kept my heart racing and my energy pumping. How does she sing and dance all at the same time and not get winded? She must be Superwoman secretly because nobody has lungs like her!!

I cannot wait until the next time she hits the Washington metropolitan area!! Best believe I will try my hardest to get as close to Queen Bey as I can!!! (I secretly hope Blue will be on tour with her next time. Ya know before she starts school) Oh my!! The concert was two days ago but my heart is still pumping.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Averi Simone


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