The Host by Stephanie Meyer

So this is my personal book review of this book. I thought it was really well written, to the point where like even if i left off on a part of then book, then came back, i settled right back into it like a pair of old socks. The book was really long tho, but not in a bad way. I did not feel like i just sat thru reading this God-Awful book, that sucked. The length gave Meyer’s a chance to fully develop everything thru out the book, and made sure there was just enough detail to keep you wanting more. She described every character with vivid imagery that I could just picture the characters in my head very clearly. I didn’t have to guess at what these people looked like, or how they felt.

I loved the main character “Wanda,” she just saw the good in absolutely everything, and wanted to do good by everyone even when that meant she had to hurt herself (referring to the end of the book). But Meyer did not make Wanda one of those weak, woe is me characters (until the end mind you), she’s I thought that the character were very well developed throughout the book. I felt like I knew each and every one of them, including some of the lesser characters like Trudy and Lisa and Freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed Melanie’s dialogue throughout that book, and her and Wanda’s constant back and forth i feel added greatly to the book, and how the story line moved.

I found it very interesting how Meyer choose to end the book with such a neat-tied in a bow ending, similar to what she did with Twilight. This book made me almost forget that she even wrote Twilight to be honest. The books are completely different, and as much as I love Twilight, I think THE HOST was written ALOT better. I am interested to see how the movie played out for this book.

Keep it classy,



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