What is something that you are tired of seeing black women (college aged) doing?

“Too many girls are striving for the turn up, or always looking for parties on the weekend. The only reason they’re going is to get seen, it just becomes unattractive.” – Bruce

“ Girls could be more grateful, the world does not revolve around them.” – Zack

“Degrading themselves and settling! Women feel like they have to offer their body to compete for male affection. Also women could stop adding to the negative stigma that black women are illiterate, hoes, welfare mothers and ghetto/loud. As a whole we are constantly putting each other down, instead of building one another up.” – Ras

“Being loud in public, because its just ignorant.” – Greg

“Women dressing a certain way, like all revealing, and then getting mad when dudes talk to them a certain way.” – Philip

“Black college aged women are always talking down to one another, its really pointless and a waste of time.” – Quenton

“Twerking EVERYWHERE, showing no self control, going to class like trash, but dressing up for a club in a heartbeat.” – Andrew

“Women lessening their values, being brought up one way, and get to college, and forget what they were taught. Relationships wise, they’re letting guys manipulate them, even when they know ahead of time what’s going to happen.” – Keith

“Having relations with every guy, and thinking that’s okay, when its not.” – J.T

“I’m tired of people “hoe-ing” around and expecting a real relationship to come out of it afterwards. People talk. You can’t expect to get into a relationship if you’re classified as a jump off. (*Steve Harvey Voice*)” – Wilfred

“Having misplace priorities, not all but some.” – Jordan

“Wearing heels to class, and degrading black men as a whole, because ONE has done them wrong.” – Devin

“I think one thing that irritates me the most is how many women of my age are not truthful with themselves. They say they want something but they end up with the exact opposite. They claim to want this type of dude but they can’t seem to actually want that type of guy. Just be honest with yourselves.” – Marc

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