Its hard enough being Black in a White man’s world. What makes it harder is not only are we being discriminated by our White counterparts we are being discriminated by our brothers and sisters.  Everyday I see something that burns me up about this light skin vs. dark skin foolishness. Whether it’s a tweet, an Instagram post or just a random picture, I am sick of seeing this.

You may ask why this bothers me so much. It bothers me because, sometime I do not believe people realize that words hurt. People think it is funny or unheard of when watching TV and a darker skinned girl talks about going out with her lighter friends and being seen as the ugliest one in the bunch. However these feelings are true, I’m telling you from personal experience.

Sometime I look around and wonder why I really have no chocolate friends. No matter where I look or go, for some reason we do not band together. Maybe it’s just me but chocolate friends do not exist. So clearly it’s not  entirely the girls who are dragging this “contest” out.

Take Vine for instance, every time I go to that social media site there is some group of boys saying “light skin niggas be like….” and  “dark skin niggas be like…” Why can’t we all just be like “we are black and we are proud?” Is that so hard? Is it hard to say all shades of brown are cute? I had never heard someone say “You cute for a dark skin girl,” until I met this guy over the summer. I’m sorry what?!? I thought I was cute period. Or males say that I am ugly simply because I have darker skin.  I believe that all of this just has to stop.

Everyone thinks it is funny, but in reality we are right where white people want us to be, against each other. There is some truth behind everything people say and yes lightskins may act a little differently than darkskins,  at the end of the day we are all black. You are going to get racially profiled just like me because you are brown. Nobody cares that you are light skinned, or dark skinned, you are black, your ancestors are black. No matter who you decide to have your offspring with, they will be black. There is no way around it. So cut the bullshit.

Love, peace and harmony,

Averi Simone


One thought on “Colorism

  1. blackmediawatcher says:

    Great article, kuddos for not having any gender bias and including male victims of colorism. I dislike one-sided scolding and this was far from it. I remember very well all the black girls that told me they don’t mess with Dark-skinned boys and I remember them going crazy over light-skin boys. I constantly get told my experience as a black man don’t matter and it’s my fault girls are color-struck. I usually got to go through a whole oppression Olympic back and forth comment/debate in order to get most black female bloggers to consider Colorism outside of the OWN special narrative of “Black boys hate us but white guys love us” and it’s like really? You

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