The best kind of Intimacy

You know what I love. I love the level of intimacy that come from getting to know a person. Like not the at first awkward formal getting to know someone. But like when you get to know them as a person, like they’re deepest darkest fears, and what buttons they have, and what they are truly passionate about. When you really truly know someone inside and out, it’s so beautiful and awe-inspiring to know a person. Even if you don’t like every thing about that person, but the fact that person trusted you enough to let you into the inner most parts of them. It’s such a beautiful thing.

I can’t wait to find someone to get to know on that level. In the same breath,  I would love for someone to have the desire to get to know me on that level. But it’s so hard to these days. Sure I’m apart of generation technology but man, I feel like I was born into the wrong one sometimes. Because we don’t have that level of intimacy with one another because our lives are on social media and networks and Internet. I’m not saying anything is wrong with it. But I crave and yearn for that type of intimacy. Call me old fashion, if you will.

Keep it classy,



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