What’s your definition of true love?

50c6503998d6f.preview-300 “I guess when it’s a feeling more than it is an adjective. An indescribable feeling that you know your in the right spot at the right time and nothing could ever change that” – Chris

“When you would do anything for one person. When you realize that that person is the only one you want to be with even though they can get on your nerves sometimes it’s ok because overall they make you really happy. I don’t know if I explained it well, but I feel like love is hard to explain with words.” – CJ

“True love is not being able to think about anyone else besides that person. When both of you are planning to build and grow in the relationship together regardless of what anyone else says. Having a mental as well as a physical connection. As well as they are able to grow in their faith together as well.” – Keith

“True love is something that you can only experience with your significant other after survival of constant obstacles tempting you both to separate. There you guys know that even through all that you guys are meant for each other. True love is eternal and doesn’t just come right off the bat. A steady relationship in high school and college that keeps going and doesn’t end is love…. That’s not true love. Marriage is not true love because it can end can’t it? True love is eternal love, but don’t confuse either types of love with attraction.” – Wilfred

“I think one with true love will give the ultimate sacrifice, their life. ” – Chad


“Having a trifecta so to speak, being mentally, physically, and emotionally connected with another person. You can’t have one without the other basically then they are just pieces of that person thus not love. A person that bases sex with love while the other bases their love with their emotions without being on a mental level with one another.” – Kennedy

“True love is shared between tow people who care for their significant other, mentally, and their desires as individuals.” – Devon

“True love has no definition. It differs from person to person. But to me it is bliss, peace, love, and happiness. True love is everything. It is untainted; it is something real, not based on something at the moment. It is so deep that words cannot describe it. Yes you may love a dog, but you will not love it like your soul mate. Your soul mate is the person who keeps you going day to day and inspires you to put your best foot forward every morning.” – Ras

“True love is, pure. Putting someone else’s happiness above your own.” – Devin

“True love is when you willing to die for that person… And true love knows you can spend the rest of your life with that person being faithful and loyal to one another… And that’s just the first section of It.” – Robert

“True love is truly being connected spiritually and mentally not just physically…it is the union of two people who see beyond what the world can see on the outside. True love is feeling secure in everything that you do knowing that there is ONE person who will always be there. A true companionship that cannot be easily torn down by people’s lies. It is a love that other people look up to and wish to have. It is silent in that it doesn’t have to be broadcasted for others to know it exist. True love can be spread and taught” – Marc


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