5 Ways To Know You’re A Good Boyfriend

James Michael Sama


We are living in a whole new world. A world different than our fathers and grandfathers. A world that, if you are looking for a short term woman, rewards good looks, flashy cars, and nice watches.


But, we are also living in a world of new women. Independent, mature, intelligent, self sufficient women. Women who might drive a nicer car or live in a nicer place than you. So, while you might be able to score the hookup, how will you know if you’ll keep her attention in the long run?

Here are a few standards to set for yourself:

You make her want to be better.

While there are plenty of ways a good woman will make you a better man, it is not to be forgotten that a man who has long term potential will do the same for his woman. Would you let the potential…

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