Is being sexy really not enough?

So I was scrolling through my timeline on Facebook earlier today and came across this post that caught my attention. After reading it I had to see if this was even remotely true. Being in college and young, I know that T.Renae and I feel like no matter how hard we try, these “men” go after the fastest girls out there. We would love some feedback on what Major Mack, the man who wrote this post, is saying. Please comment and let us know if this is really what men are looking for? Do we just have to wait until the men our age get to this point? Is it just a generational thing?

We really would like to know.

Message To Women, Being Sexy Is Not Enough, written by Major Mack.

Are black women sexy? No doubt! When it comes to sexiness sisters have no equal. But can I be honest with you? I’m actually TIRED of sexy black women. Now hear me out on this, please. Sexiness don’t mean jack snot. Not in the grand scheme of things. Visually appealing, yes. But I can’t eat sexiness. Sexiness won’t help pay these bills or pay off our student loans. Sexiness won’t qualify for a mortgage, or get the IRS off my back long enough to make my next big business move. Sexiness won’t help me raise these kids. Neither will it teach my daughters their true worth and value in this world. We got way too many ‘Sexy’ sistas out here with nothing else to bring to the table. Sexiness is the totality of their package. And that’s WACK! Most black men looking for a relationship want a USEFUL woman. Visual appeal alone won’t cut it. Besides: there are so many black women competing to be the sexiest, it’s not even a race worth entering. Can you cook? Do you clean? Do you have mothering skills Do you love your father? Respect him? Respect other black men in general? Have you divested yourself of prior relationship baggage? Can you hold a conversation about REAL world events? And no: Love and Hip Hop doesn’t count! Do you have a REAL relationship with a REAL God: or do you follow the fake one many American Christians have invented for themselves because he’s more tolerable than the actual Truth? These are the kind of questions discerning men are asking nowadays. So if sexiness is all you bring to the table, you can keep it. I’d rather have a woman of pure unadulterated SUBSTANCE. And I’m sure I speak for most conscious-thinking brothers out there on this one. There’s a new breed of black men out there ladies. And we ain’t settling for second best or taking any shorts. Either come correct or go get with Tyrone. That’s all many of you are use to dealing with anyway..

2 thoughts on “Is being sexy really not enough?

  1. Prinze Charming says:

    Quality over quantity. A sophisticated image vs. a materialistic image. It’s not always what you wear on the outside, but what you’re working with on the inside. Sexy can pay the bills, but how will one utilize their potential to do so? I can understand this approach, and why it’s important. However, it goes back to the person involved. What are they doing to contribute back into the relationship, other than being sexy? 😉

  2. aishasoasis says:

    This was good thinking on the brother’s part, but he missed my vote because he didn’t offer one good thing in return! It was all about what SHE has to offer, and nothing about what he would do in appreciation of such a treasure. If you’d like to see what a real man has to offer when he’s hunting a good wife, read this: be careful, you’ll probably fall in love!

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