Dating Myths

While I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass a lot of important stuff came up I thought we should share. The information came from the books He’s not that into you by Greg Behrendt and Its just a f***ing date by Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola, which are a must read for the ladies! Here are the myths I think we all should know when we’re dating and in general for the ladies!

Myth 1: A man will make my life complete.

You should be complete and he should be complete and together you two should make a vend diagram and have that shared area between the two of you.

Myth 2: I just can’t hold back.

Keep it simple! Just try to have fun! Important life changing things you should be upfront about but other than that don’t scare them away!

Myth 3: He shouldn’t care how I look.

First impressions mean everything! As much as we say he should love me at my worst, when you’re going out look your best!

Myth 4: Sex will seal the deal!

Sex can wait! Men like the chase! If you just want a fun time go head but if you want a serious relationship WAIT!

Myth 5: I only attract losers!

You attract who you are! When you’re a “watch-er”, you attract losers. if you’re a “do-er” they don’t exist for you! (Meaning losers)

Myth 6: Men can’t handle my success

Strong women only intimidate weak men!!! Never play your intelligence or success down for a man! Real men want successful women. If a man says he’s intimidated by your intelligence or success it’s a cope out! He’s just not that into you!


*Keep these in mind*

Know your worth!

Women have the power! A man will only do what you allow them to do! They like the chase!

Put yourself out there!

Stop texting! Stop hanging out! Start going out on dates! We’re not too young!

It’s all about the chase!!

You have to be you!

Have self-control!

You could be a big deal if you thought you were a big deal!

Honor yourself!

Teach people how to treat you!

Women go wrong when they date a man’s potential except his reality!

Dating Mantras (Place these somewhere you can see it daily!)
*Quick Review*
1. You don’t need a man to complete you

2. Hold back-he doesn’t need to know everything

3.First impressions are important

4. You attract what you are

5. Sex will never seal the deal

6. A man should not be intimidated by your success

– A. Rochell

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