How do you know that a girl is a keeper?

“When she sticks by your side even when you continue to make mistakes. She will stay by your side even when things get hard. She accepts you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you but actually just supports you.” – Philip

“You know you have one when you and her are able to have the most in depth conversations on life butt still have simple talks about the latest trend, no matter what she loves you unconditionally even with all your faults but still tries to push and uplift you to improve them, they are the one that you can argue with and five minutes later you still care about them and what they want to accomplish in life, and above all else quoting from Dr. SEUSS “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” that’s to paraphrase everything, ” – Bruce

“She is someone I can talk to all the time. Someone that is going to be there for me all the time and someone I can have fun with an just be myself all the time. It is a lot of intangible things that happen throughout the relationship. ” – Kevin

“If she’s holds you down and is loyal. You might not decide to keep her for many reasons but she’s worth keeping.” – Jon

“Well when you are with a person who has your back, will do anything to make you happy, who will stick with you through the hard times and never leave your side. Someone who will make sacrifices in order to keep you in their life. When knowing no matter what happens, they will get you through the obstacles and bumpy roads. Not worrying about what you have but what you can provide through your heart and feeling.  A person that you can share anything with and have so much in common with. That makes you laugh when knowing that you are having a real rough day.” – James

“No matter what she will always love you and Accept you for who you are no matter your down sides.” – Darrin

“When she makes you a better man when pushes you and encourages you to go after your dreams and when your mother likes her. When you’re with her you don’t even notice other woman anymore all you see is her and you think about what the future with her would be like.” – Mario

“If she is the only one who catches your eyes.” – Willie 

“When she would do anything to keep a smile on your face and you would do anything just to do the same.”  – Jakaree

“For me I like someone with similar interests, i.e. music, movies, and tv. Intelligence for me is attractive and creativity is even more attractive. She is sweet, caring, supportive, and has a great sense of humor. If a girl has all these qualities for me she is a keeper.” – Rainy 

“When you don’t have to ask for anything she excepts you for you loves you and all your flaws and she adopts your dreams as her own” – Mychal

“Well women now a days are very sporadic as far as it comes to finding one that’s right for you, but for me knowing she’s a keeper would mean 3 things. 1st It would have to be our bond, like physically, mentally, and spiritually. We would have to have that connection that could never be severed. And a lot of different variables go into that but a bonding is what makes or breaks a relationship even through the worst of times can I still be with her. If its a yes then we good.” – DeAngelo

“I guess you would feel a feeling of fulfillment. You know that you know that you know that you’re happy. You know that this person is a rose in a concrete land. You’re able to trust them with your feelings, your heart, your emotions, your vulnerability.” – Chad

“You just know. The little things won’t bother you and you won’t make up reasons not to date a girl because she is a keeper.” – Chris

“I guess I’d know if for one she had the essential things that I’m looking for in a girl, which is different for everybody. It’s important that she’s someone you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable having around your friends, family, and other important people in your life. Also it’s important that she’s someone you can get along with, no one wants to live in a constant argument.” – Branford

“When you shift your whole reality to make hers better.” – Marcelis

“When she is willing to give you the world without you asking her to. She does it out the kindness of her heart because she loves you and loves seeing you smile. Whatever problems you have she makes them hers as well because she doesn’t want you to go through it alone. She is your bestfriend/lover & protector. But don’t take it for granted because it can easily be taken away just as fast as it was given if you don’t appreciate the things she does for you.” – Sean

“When you share the same interests, you both do things that you like and she likes them too. She make you laugh when she’s not even trying.” – Larry

“Personally I think she’s a keeper when you’re to the point where know each other so well y’all are not boyfriend and girlfriend but best friends also.” – Darrian

“I suppose my answer would be that’s she’s a keeper if the two of you can build a extremely strong foundation that draws you together even after the “new love” feeling wears off… Friendship first is fundamental and extremely important, in my opinion.” – Jordan

“She’s polite, kind, respectful, values. And there’s two main ones that I must have: honesty and trust. If a girl that I like has a past and a history that she’s not proud of, I am willing to forget it because she was honest with me, and did not lie.” – Charles

“I guess I know because no matter what stupid things I do and all the fights we get in no matter how big it is, she always fights for me. When we are in a fight she always tells me that she loves me so the bottom line is no matter what happens if you do anything bad she will love you like she did before. That’s how I know a girl is a keeper.” – Derrick 


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