Things That Should Be on Your Boyfriend/Husband List

“God-Fearing, Patient, Understanding, Family oriented not all about what he can get, but what he can provide.” – Lauren

“They have to have to be sure of themselves and have their stuff together first before they try and take care of you too. “ – Aliah

“Accepting od you, for who you are, and opened minded.” – Taylor

“Passionate, outgoing, modern gentleman, attentive, selfless, strong personality, confident, goal-oriented, romantic, treats his momma well, faithful and values loyalty.” – Starr

“A man who is respectful, goal oriented and God-Fearing. ” – Paige

“They need to know who they are and they need to have goals.” – Brandyn

“A relationship with God that is growing daily, he can’t love me right if he doesn’t allow God to show him what true love looks like. A desire and ambition to change the world. Respect for me, what I stand for, and what’s mine (family, friends, belongings.). We need to be on the same page, share some of the same opinions, look at life and the world in a similar manner. Open to different possibilities, and experiences. That’s just a few things.” – Heather

“Have a relationship with God. Life Goals. Nice personality, a cute smile. Being able to dress in business casual clothes. “ – Kaiya.

“A God-fearing man who knows how to not only provide for him but his family. Respectful. Loves you unconditionally, ambitious, humble, and loyal.” – Tieye’ra

“Ambitious, caring, loving, attentive, respectful, supportive, trustworthy, handsome with a sense of style, strong.” – Tyler

“He needs to have a good relationship with his mother. A man is going to ttreat you like he treats his mother so that relationship is very important in my opinion.” – Arielle

“He needs to be ambitious, supportive, comfortable in his own skin, loving, have a sense of humor, respectful, he has to be able to respect my mom and his own, and be humble.” – Averi



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