From Derick’s Heart

“How do you know when a girl is a keeper?”

Quite frankly I haven’t truly listed out what qualities a lady would have to possess in order for me to consider her a “keeper”. I feel the simplest answer would be that she has to be somewhat balanced. I completely hate when people say “looks don’t matter”. Nine times out of ten, if I’m not physically attracted to you then I’m not going to desire to be with you. So yes, my attractiveness to a female is important, however it’s not everything.

A good sense of humor is appreciated as well, however the balanced in that is essential also. A surplus of females post various comments and images stating that “If you can’t take me being goofy, funny, playful all the time then you can’t be with me”. Personally I feel that if you find everything to be a laughing matter then you obviously lack the serious of many issues. I’m not a tyrant or completely up tight, it’s just that a number of things are not meant to be made a joke of.

I know I’ll be heavily criticized for the following: I want a girl to need me. But completely rejecting this just answer the following: If you need something how important is it to you? If you don’t need something how well do you take care of it in comparison to something you do need? If you lost something how hard do you work to get it back if you need it? But how many girls publicly declare that they don’t need a man? If I am not needed then why should our relationship even exist?

I do distinguish a difference between needing something and being dependent on it. With that stated, I would never go for a girl that I feel is overly dependent. Typically that insinuates that she lacks ambition, goals, and willingness to grow.

As a young man I am constantly seeking growth.

There are a lot of things that I preference in relationships and things that I could go without. So much is left out from this answer simple because, like I said previously, I don’t list these things but rather address them as they are introduce. One thing I may for sure state is that growing up with three sisters and my Ma caused me to develop a high level of respect for women. I’m not looking to be with a “bad bitch”. Any female who doesn’t respect herself the way in which I intend to is not appeasing.

I don’t know much else I can put without making it complicated. I definitely could elaborate more on a lot of this I took the time to consider it more. I must say that my perspectives about some matters are bound to change as well. I hope this is sufficient enough.

– Derick, Sophomore at Christopher Newport University, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc

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