What are your standards?

“She’s not stuck up, you’re just stuck down on a level she’s unable to stoop to. Step up or step out and make way for a real gentleman.” – @bereolaesque from the book Gentlewoman

I am soooo tired of hearing young men tell me that my standards are too high. Maybe your self-worth needs to be a little higher. Since when is having high standards frowned upon? It was probably around the time girls starting giving out their goodies, for little to nothing, but that’s another topic, for another time.

I think every young woman should have standards. Standards make you extremely smart. You should not, and do not have to settle for any man out there. What would it look like if you just out there with the first guy that passed you by, no. I understand you don’t want to seem picky, but you should not have to settle! Point Blank. Do not lower you standards for any one or apologize for them. If he is telling you that they are to high, he is not worth you time.

I will caution you not to have unobtainable standards, that you cannot even offer yourself. What I mean is, you cannot expect a man to have a job and his own place, if you don’t even have that.

While, nobody is perfect, but give credit to those who are trying. If your guy is genuinely trying to be the man that follows your standards, and is extremely close to your standards, go for it!

I truly believe that if you refuse to settle for less than you know you deserve, you will come across the person who you are meant to be with.

So I decided to share some of my “standards,”

1) Communication. This is a huge thing for me, especially because I love to talk. I believe that you both must be good listeners and communicate clearly. With that being said, men and women communicate differently. Women tend to tell all the details, while men communication is straight to the point.

1.5) Texting is NOT a relationship. I know we are all in the generation of texting and instant gratification, but if all you and your guy do is text, you’re not in a relationship. Real Men make phone calls, want to hear their woman’s voice. If you ask me on a date via text message, I will kindly decline and say “While you are lazily texting me, there is another guy TALKING to me, and will take me on a real date.” I never understood why guys (and girls for allowing this to go on for so long.) think its okay to just send a text “come thru,” that’s not even a sentence!

2) Dates. If we are not going on dates, we are not dating. Simple enough.

3) Passion. He has to be passionate about something in his life. His only interests cannot be you. That makes for a very boring person. I believe each person should have their own lives, and they should come together like a Venn diagram.

4) Beliefs. He has to believe in something. For me, he has to believe in God and working towards a better relationship with him.

5) Respect. His body (hygiene, STD free), his parents, me, people around him, etc. This is pretty self explanatory.

At the end of the day, know your worth. And make sure your standards great. 

Keep it classy ladies,


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