Who has the power in the relationship?

The big question most people wonder is “Who really has the power in relationships, men or women?” When you start dating who do you believe has the power? To paraphrase a popular saying, The Man is the Head but the Woman is the Neck, who can turn the Head anyway it Wants (taken from My Big Fat Greek Wedding). Is this still true today? With times changing and the dating scene changing every day; is this still true?

In today’s generation some define, women perception of power by their sexuality. The power of women range way beyond that! Once a woman has sexual relations with their partner then technically they have given away the power. Women who truly respect themselves and their partner will have power in the relationship if they use it correctly and can influence every situation. Some women believe they are more dominant because they can use sex to control men, since that is one of their weak spots. On the other hand once a women has sexual relations with a man their opening that emotional connection which takes us off our game and give the control to the man. Men are hunters by nature so they really like the chase (can’t say that enough!)

As women we were built to be strong, emotional, and confident but all girls aren’t aware of their total worth. When women show men their weakness they hand over their power. Men are smart in sensing women’s insecurities and running with it! Men are less afraid to play mind games. Some men feed off women’s insecurities, since women are usually the ones who need more consolation and attention. Men will use these insecurities to get away with their antics. Know that your personality type can also have an effect on who holds the power in the relationship. In my opinion men only have the power once you give it to them because we have all the assets to influence and possible control all situations in the relationship.

Women also have to allow the man to think he has the power (KEY WORD THINK) because he has to feel like he’s the man! You can never kill his ego! When you’re dating the power dynamics are totally different then when you’re married. Once you find a man who truly loves you but most of all loves God, you don’t really have to worry about control. You will live each day to please God and thriving to enjoy each other’s life so control won’t really matter but until that happens keep your purse closed and you will be in control!



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