14 Reasons to Celebrate Your Singleness This Valentine’s Day!

If Valentine’s Day is the “Holiday of Love,” isn’t this the perfect time to love yourself a little more fiercely? To remind yourself of how strong, and spirited, and independent you are? To celebrate yourself and your life a little? So if you’re sad and mopey and struggling with the fact that another Valentine’s is dawning and you’re not yet a party of two…here are fourteen reasons why no one deserves your love more than YOU!

  1. Because you’re so brave, you’d rather walk alone than someone who is unworthy of you.

  2. Because you realize that you are the cake and a relationship is the icing, and with or without the icing, a cake is still a cake.

  3. Because you’ve created a life you love and feel no need to be rescued from.

  4. Because you pay your own bills, plan your own day, chart your own path, and make your own way.

  5. Because you love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

  6. Because you live life on your terms and you don’t apologize.

  7. Because you know that you have to learn to love YOU before you can ask some else to.

  8. Because “good enough” isn’t good enough for you.

  9. Because you’ve decided that whether or not love ever arrives…you’re gonna THRIVE.

  10. Because your happiness, worth, and self-confidence is not dependent on your relationship status.

  11. Because you trust in God’s perfect timing, you know that every moment of the wait is preparing you for the one you’re waiting for.

  12. Because for you, settling is not an option.

  13. Because you know it’s no one’s job to complete you, fix you, or validate you. It takes a healthy “me” to create a healthy “we.”

  14. Because before you’re ready to wear a diamond, you want to become one.


Adapted from Mandy Hale’s Instagram page.

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