Just Do Something

Book: Just Do Something by Kevin D. Young.

Word by Seth Martin

We as Christians often struggle to figure out what God’s will of our life is. We are so afraid of not being in the will of God. After all it is “the safest place on Earth.”

“God show me,” “Tell me what I am supposed to do,” “Who am I going to marry,” and more questions like this are all questions in our heads, especially at this age. God doesn’t work like that, He is not just going to tell you what His will is.

Why are we worried?

1. We want to please God. Geniunely want to be pleasing to God.

2. Some of us, have entirely too many choices! It is hard for us to inure out what the right choice is. For example, with a relationship. We have a hard time committing because we are afraid because there are so many choices we don’t know who to pick.

3. Some of us are cowards. We are afraid of what may happen, or we may run into hard times and hurts. We don’t want to experience bad days. In all of our lives as Christians, we are going to have bad days! The Bible does not say that we are passed up from bad days. The good news is that the Lord will always be with us, even throughout the bad day.

God does not expect us to figure it out. In Jeremiah 29:11, God says he knows the way, and the plan for our lives. In the book by Kevin D. Young it says “God’s way is not a crystal ball, His way is wisdom.” This means that God is not a fortune teller, He will push you into your destiny, by making us wiser and guiding us into it.

Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus said not to worry! He says “Your heavenly Father knows you need this…” This text is telling us not to stress about ANYTHING because God knows we need these things. So young women do not worry about who the man you will marry is, or where he is! Stop crying, and calm down; Jesus knows who this man is, and where he is. You must trust that God has the man for you.

We as humans will never fully understand God’s will, until after it happens.

Just trust God, and the rest will fall into place according to His Will.


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