A Females Insecurity Can Be A Beautiful Disaster

See, when I close my eyes, I don’t see you,

I see someone who I used to believe was you,

A person before I knew the real you, a person who was fearless and strong,

Someone who was beautiful

And took on the world with her head held high.

Then I woke up,

It was then that I needed to realize it was a dream

And it was time to really read your aura and tell who you truly were,


Scared of your past and the decisions you made.

Scared to let out the inner girl that screams and scratches within you.

The pain you feel,

The sleepless nights and those anxious moments are the symptoms you feel

From having your dreams clawing on the inside of you.

Your dreams being that girl in you wanting to come out; to be freed.

So you can reach yours dreams.

Reach your goal of who you want to be in life,

But you hold back,

You hold onto her yet longer inside you

Because your insecurities make you believe it’s okay

To allow you really want to be remain inside instead if allowing the world to see you,

The you that was in my dream.

~Anonymously, Will Dickerson


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