Falling For You

falling in love

To fall for something unknown is like falling into the unbelieveable,

to chase a dream unreachable and find something worth holding on to.

The fear of falling for you is the sense in which I lose sight of reality

And then I create in my mind a new formality.

Of humanity,

where only you and I exist.

Sweaty palms, slurred words, what is this?

The feeling that take over my body derives from you and drives me crazy,

like racing in the slow lane going 180.

Gracefully I embrace it,

I embrace you,

the shining star in my night and the rising rose in my day

cause the morning is too far to wait…

Falling for you is not losing balance, but rather gaining understanding,

a mirror image reflecting something beautiful from within.

So many cards are on the table, falling for you ,

and I am willing and able to say,

I am yours,

you are mine,

so fall too so we can fall together.

William L. Dickerson


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