Spring Cleaning

It’s always been a tradition in my house to make sure the house is spotless before spring. Throwing out old things, and giving the house that old southern clean where you can see your reflection in the floor lol. But this year I’m doing to self-cleaning for spring! My goal is to be more positive, get closer to God and remove things or people who don’t belong. Since I went home for Spring Break it helped give me a head start on my spring cleaning.

I made sure every morning I prayed and thanked God for the many blessings he’s giving me. I started reading a morning devotion book to help put my day in a positive direction, and it actually really does help. The test is to continue my good work at school because I am always in a rush but I need to make some time for a little morning devotion.

While on break and little before I left for break I started doing a little evaluation of the people I was surrounding myself with and how they had an effect on me and my behavior. As the semesters go on even looking back until freshman year my friend dynamics have changed for the better but there are a few people I had to talk to over break and I had to fix some broken bridges. Holding grudges or ignoring people only hurts you and God really isn’t pleased by this behavior so I had to correct my actions.

The biggest part of your spring cleaning is evaluating yourself and seeing how much you’ve grown for better or worse. I’ve recently starting writing in a journey because I saw myself changing or becoming more stress while I was at school so I knew I had to evaluate myself. With doing a little soul searching I’ve learned I need to depend more on me and God. Depending too much on others takes you off the path that God has for you.

So what spring cleaning do you need to get done?


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