What to do when all your friends are “falling in love,” and you’re not,

Last year around this time I was becoming EXTREMELY depressed. It seemed like every one of my friends were going out on dates, and becoming infatuated with some guy and being oh so happy, etc., etc. I was a little on the jealous side… OK fine, I was a lot of the jealous side! But here’s what I did to overcome these feelings.

  1. GET BUSY. It doesn’t matter what you get busy doing, just do something. There is no worse feeling than on a Friday night, and you’re sitting there looking at a wall. Invest in Netflix and binge watch at least 6 shows, take up a new hobby (I took up making waist beads, and anklets), explore your local city, rediscover your library, just do something!
  2. Speaking of library, READ SOME BOOKS. More specifically read some women empowerment books! Here’s some: Power of the Pussy (part 1 and 2) by Kara King, Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones, Mrs. Right by Tony A Gaskins Jr, Gentlewoman by Enitan O Bereola II (if you need more empowerment books email me at taneshajohnson@icloud.com)
  3. REVIST YOUR “CHECKLIST.” What I did personally was made a list of priorities vs. preferences. Priorities – are things that your man should not without. For example, one of my priorities on my life, is he has to know Christ, and have a relationship with God, while a preference is that he has huge muscles. See the difference? This will help you determine what really matters in a relationship, and recognize what really matters.
  4. FOCUS ON OTHER FRIENDSHIPS. Don’t cut off your friends who in the relationships. I mean sure, they now have an extra person in their circle, that does not mean you have been kicked out of their circle. It has just been a little expanded. You could also try to go out on group outings, inviting singles and couples. You could also just find other people in your “outer circle” to hang out with as well if you don’t want to be third-wheeling it.

Keep It Classy,

T. Renae


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