What Makes A Girl Beautiful?

“I’d say physical appearance of course is one factor, but I think it goes beyond that. I think it adds to their beauty when they have a fun personality and self-confidence about their own beauty, but not cocky about it. I like to see girls with a classy look rather than a “ratchet” look as well. “ – Justin, 20

“Brain, personality, humor, clothing coordination and of course looks. Personality above everything, though and she has to be relatable to me, of course that would make a girl beautiful to any guy. ” – Calvin, 19

“What makes a girl beautiful to me is the energy she puts out into the world. This energy can be coming by the way she looks, or her humor or her conversation skills. But whatever it is, if it’s uplifting those around her, I consider her beautiful.” – David, 19

“I’ll say definitely personality and the way she carries herself!” – Derrick, 21

“What makes a woman beautiful is a love of self. If a woman loves her self, not to the point of being stuck up, but if she loves herself, I can love her too.” – Chad, 20

“I’m not sure how to answer this to be honest. If I have strong feelings for someone, I automatically think they’re beautiful. I am interested in girls who are smart, and have goals set.” – Jose, 20

“Above anything else: confidence. When a girl is confident in herself no matter what she looks like, that makes her beautiful. “ – Chrispus, 20

“ A girl is beautiful when she can walk in a room, and everyone can talk her and she still knows she is the baddest one in the room. That confidence is what makes a girl beautiful.” – David, 19

“What makes her beautiful is when just the thought of her can create that warm fuzzy feeling inside of me.” – Jon, 20

“What makes a girl beautiful is a plethora of things. It is a combination of her drive, intellect, potential, as well as self confidence to know that she is attractive. A persons attitude can take them from being a 10 all they way down to a 2. Having a pure heart had to be there not matter how you look. If you’re beautiful on the inside, it will come out on the outside. There’s someone for everyone. “ – Ras, 22

“What makes her beautiful her mind, her laughter, the way she walks when she is walking to you or away from you when she is mad. The way she continues to want to be with you no matter your faults. “ – Bruce, 19

“She has to be well-kept, well-spoken, pretty smile, gorgeous eyes, educated, not ratchet, not hood and not an embarrassment in public to be beautiful to me.” – Kam, 26

“Well, physical appearance is a small part, but I feel like after a minute of being with/talking to the girl, you look beyond that. In my opinion what makes a girl beautiful is just how she carries herself and her personality. I can’t tell the exact reason because it’s different for each girl you encounter. “ – Philip, 19

“Physical beauty depends on what an individual likes. Beauty to me, is a girl with a great personality, faith, compassionate, fun, energetic, and trustworthy.” – Seth, 20

“What makes a beautiful is when just the thought of her can create that warm feeling inside,” – Jon, 20

“Everybody knows that, physical attraction is the first thing to be seen when looking at the opposite sex but what most people fail to realize, in my opinion, is that physical attraction is not what makes a young woman beautiful. It is the fact that, that young woman is caring, loyal, kind, trustworthy, respectable, faithful and willing to have her man’s back at all times. The fact that she will fight for what she believes is right, and the fact that she is intelligent and able to hold an intellectual conversation, in my opinion that’s what makes a young woman beautiful.” – Derrick, 20

“To answer what beauty is to me is like to ask me where I am from as a military child. I am from everywhere and to me a women’s beauty is everything.  I see a woman’s outer beauty at first look, its not avoidable in person. To see and love a person’s outer beauty but it is not the make up, the hair, the clothes, or the curves that’s the beauty but the is the light that shines around that person at first sight; its the purity of the heart seen in the eye’s the smile that makes the angelic light grow brighter. The inner beauty resides with the personality that never changes as the person grows into their maturities; their soul is the simplest yet most precious of the inner beauty and should never be taken lightly.  What makes a woman beautiful is not what is what makes the models, not what’s seen in music videos, it is her. Her flaws, her weirdness, her feeling secure enough to admit her insecurities are what make a woman beauty.” – Andrew, 20


One thought on “What Makes A Girl Beautiful?

  1. claudsramblings says:

    This has brought a smile to my face, some of those comments sound as though they could’ve been written by people much older and wiser!

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