7 Ways To Get Over Your Ex

James Michael Sama

Breakups are rough. We’ve all been there – sometimes by our own choice, sometimes because of our partner, and sometimes just because of circumstances. But sometimes what’s even worse than the breakup itself is the weeks after your ex leaves (or should leave) your life.

So, what can you do to make the healing process easier?



Cut off all communication.

Unless there is an absolutely essential reason to stay in touch (like a child or apartment together), the best way to start getting over someone is to have literally zero contact with them. This means deleting them from Facebook, losing their number, and unfollowing them on twitter.

The less you actually see of them, the less you will think about them, and the easier it will be to move on. Absolutely can’t stand the thought of losing their number? Give it to a friend who you trust and then…

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