On Things I’ve learned about relationships….

From Pinterest, my mother, other relationships, etc

  1. Never EVER, under no circumstances talk bad about your significant other to other people. As far as the rest of the world knows, he is the most awesome person who has ever entered your life, even if he is not. Trust me, it prevents unwanted holes from being in your relationships, especially if you do not create the holes yourself, for other people outside of your relationship to fill. A dear friend of mine said “a relationship consists of two people, keep it like that.”
  2. Going off of that, Haters are going to hate. With that being said, there are always going to be people who are not a “fan” of your relationship, and you will have to deal with the nay-sayers. But so what, who cares if people don’t like or care for your boo, they don’t have to like him/her, you do!
  3. Speak Life into your significant other. Don’t put them down; believe in their dreams, especially if this is a person you foresee yourself being with them for a while. The more life you speak into theirs, the better yours will be.
  4. Don’t let your relationship run your life. It is great you are in a relationship, but you should always be working towards perfecting yourself. Don’t let that relationship be what defines you. Still do you, but do it accompanied with your sweetie.
  5. “How you get her, is how you keep her.” What you did at the beginning of the relationship, you should be able and willing to do throughout the relationship. Like if you’re sending 8 paragraphs good morning pages at the beginning of the relationship, and then you stop suddenly, your partner will be upset! Consistency is key!
  6. Be Spontaneous. Having spontaneity in your relationships creates more laughs, and even more good moments. Per a good friend of mine – sing your lady a song on her voicemail to make her day when you know she’s busy, send him a random letter, etc, because a boring relationship is one that does not last
  7. Communication is Key. Be sure to have and be able to have transparent and adult conversation with your significant other. Also, watch communication with members of the opposite sex. Make sure, your significant other knows that this person stands here in my life, and visa versa. There should be no grey areas here. Also make sure you try to understand where your other person is coming from, and see from their point of view. (*side note: NO ONE is a mind reader, therefore say what you mean, and mean what you say. )
  8. Learn to compromise. This kinda goes with communication, because when you both cannot agree on things, you will have to comprise. Not saying you have to be a push over, but some times you have to let the other person be great. Especially if you are trying to keep this person around in your life.

I hope this helps you in your relationships!! And let me know if you have some tips to add in the comments section!

-T. Renae

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