Dating You!

What a concept?

Have you ever thought that maybe you can’t find anyone for you because you don’t know yourself??? *think about it* We all say, myself included. I am guilty; “we can’t find good men anymore” or one better “ I am single because I just don’t want to be”…. LIES WE TELL! LOL

Think about it… Would you date you if you were someone else? For those who say yes right off the back really think about it. On those bad days when you aren’t so pleasant and those days you just don’t want to be a bothered, would you date you?  We must take time to look at the person staring at you in the mirror!

As women most of us are looking for the right one because we know we have a lot to offer right? This is where we get a little confused because the bible says “HE that finds a good woman finds a good thing”….. Proverbs 18:22.  Trust me I know how hard that seems in our generation BUT it’s NOT our job to find a man it’s his job to find us.

If that means we’re single for months or even a year its God’s will and He is just getting us ready. In that time we need to figure out who we are, which I call dating yourself! I’m not saying you have to go to movies, dinner or concerts alone but I do feel you need to enjoy your own company because you shouldn’t need a man to feel complete. I’m learning God places a man in your life when you are complete within yourself, that man is an added bonus to put you on another level. 1 x 1=1 Get it? When God send you the MAN who becomes your husband them together you are one!!!



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