Settle or not to settle is the question??

As girls we always hear DON’T SETTLE!

But when you look around at all the fish and have picked your fish… you will sometimes wonder are there better fish in the sea. You thinking I can be alone but do I wanna!

Sometimes we think if we bend our beliefs a little it isn’t settling, it’s compromising right? Depends!

You have to look at the big picture, are you happy? Does this situation cause you more stress or happiness? Are the people around you affected by this relationship?

Are you looking into the future and seeing what he could offer? Well maybe you need to catch back up with him in the future. Settling for a potential shouldn’t be our goal as women. Did you ever think you might be blocking the man God has for you because you were scared or anxious and settled.

Starting over isn’t the worst thing in the world and releasing him to find the girl made just for him won’t kill you. Trust me, I know it isn’t easy but this is just the season for some ME time, time to “DATE” yourself so you can learn who you are for the person God has for you.

There is someone for everyone and sometimes you’re only designed for friendship with that person while God is preparing you for your relationship (CRAZY THOUGHT!).  If that person you feel you were settling for if its meant to be. God will work on them and they will come back!

I know being single can be a scary thing but you learn the most about yourself when you’re single! Final thoughts…….. DON’T SETTLE!

We got this ladies!



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