Transformational thinking!

The other day I was inspired to watch Oprah’s life class with T.D. Jakes and I tell you he is bomb! I never realized how inspirational he was until I watched this show. This show made me really do some transformational thinking within my own life because we all need a little help. There were key points he made that I’m going to share and add my little two cents if that’s ok! J

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind!

Your concept of normalcy is defined by what you see.

The whole out of body experiences are summarized by the things we read, things we’ve seen and have been taught.

To begin a transformation you must peel back the layers and go to the core in order to discover who you are and get a clear definition of who you.

You are best when you are at your core. Think about it!

You are the most POWERFUL when you are authentic. (Authentic means genuine or being yourself)

Pretending is exhausting and depressing. *pause moment* How many times have you said BE YOU! Trying to be someone you aren’t will only cause you more stress and unhappiness.

If you are waiting for your actions (the outside) to line up with your feeling (the inside) your life will always be on hold.

You can’t change the outside if you haven’t changed the inside.

Expose yourself for transformation and surround yourself with people you want to be like *pause moment* some people hang around people on their level and other hang out with people who you feel are beneath you to feel a sense of comfort.  For some hanging around people on higher levels can cause you to feel jealous, envious or less then. You have to be in a confident place and realize that will motivate you to do more!

Renew your mind and get rid of limiting beliefs! HIT THE RESET BUTTON IN YOUR LIFE!

You have seeds of greatness inside of you!

-A. Rochell


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