Black Women Empowerment

So lately I’ve been seeing a bunch of negative stereotypes about Black women, and how we are lazy and just plain rude things. And to be honest, it kinda hurt my feelings because I’m a Black woman, and is this what people think about me when they see me. So I went and asked some wonderful Black Men about Black women.  So I asked them to complete the sentence:

“Black women are the epitome of __________.”

“Strength.” – Devin
“Hard work and Motivation.” – Bruce
“When beauty meets excellence flawlessly.” – Chrispus
“Perseverance.” – Kam
“Beauty.” – Calvin
“Love.” – Charles
“Progression. ” – Kevin
“Self confidence, power, and conquering struggle.” – Andrew
“Intimidation and Comfort.” – Chris
“Strength in the face of overwhelming odds.” – Rainy
“Grace and strength.” – Jordan
“Beauty and happiness.” – David B.
“Motherhood.” – Kennedy
“Beauty and Intelligence.” – Darrel
“Intelligence, life, love, Struggle, Triumph.” – Ras
“God’s creativity.” – Marshal
“Beauty, strength, and love.” – Elijah
“Strength and Love.” – Cordell
“Life.” – Chad
“Perseverance and vitality.” – Marc
“Beauty.” – Branford
“Powerful beauty.” – Quenton
“Adaptability.” – Charles
“Elegance.” – Malik
“Power.” – Romin
“Strong-mindedness.” – David C.
“Beauty.” – Darrin
“Everything.” – Maceo
“The black man. Let me explain: The black woman is at the core of every black man in some way shape or form. A lot of times it’s the black woman who’s teaching the black man how to be a strong and intelligent man in the face of his adversities.” – Chris
There’s only a few, but I hope this makes your day better and that you feel empowered!
“The Black skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness. ” – Marcus Garvey.

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