Dear Single and Ready to Mingle!

Hi Ladies and Co,

So I’m trying to get over my ex… I’m trying to get over my ex but I’m really shy when it comes to talking to new guys. How do I start talking to them? They come up to me and they’re really cute but I really don’t know how to respond. Please help. – Single and Ready to Mingle!


Hey Single and Ready to Mingle,

One of the first things I would do to start mingling with the guys around town is to get your confidence up. Nothing is worse than going up to talk to a guy and your lack of confidence hinders the conversation from going further than a hello. Next thing, I would just talk to them like they are humans. My mother gave me that advice a very long time ago and it has helped me so much. Hot guys are just humans, just like you are. Another way to get mingling is for the guys to come up to you. You should look inviting by smiling, having open body language (like not folding your arms, relaxed shoulders, etc), but most times guys don’t catch the hint. I would just ask them about themselves, because men like to talk about things they know. Like their interest, sports teams (if you are also into sports). I like to talk about food, so I’ll usually go up to them and be like what would you recommend eating here and smile. Guys love food, trust me. Also, it gets easier with practice. Just go up to random people (not strangers, because strangers are just people you haven’t met yet. ), and strike up a conversation. Good Luck! You can do this!



Single and Ready to Mingle,

Girl me too! I am over my ex, but I have no idea what to say when guys come up to me. I get surprised that they noticed me (I’m 5’ 11” how could they not). But what I will say helps is, start by asking questions about their passions and interests and go from there. Just get their take on the world and add your tidbits and how you feel. Make sure to expand on your thoughts though, nobody likes to play the 20 questions game for too long. The more you do it with just males in general the easier it will be. This sounds weird but start conversations with all males you come across, whether you are checking out at the grocery store, or getting your oil changed. Practice makes perfect, and builds confidence.

Good luck!



Hi Single and Ready to Mingle!

I feel most girls are shy in their first encounter with a  new cute guy but what works for me is just act like you’re making a new friend. I try not to assume  or expect much  when I meet a new guy. So trying to become his friend first in my opinion always does the trick.  You have to  also look approachable because if you look nervous or mean they aren’t going to approach. Always look presentable when you go out even to the grocery market! Hey you never know when that right guy will come up to you! Don’t try to limit yourself either. Date as many guys as you want especially since you’re newly single,  see what you like, test the waters, and don’t limit yourself to one  type of guy.

A. Rochelle



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