Dear Single and Old,

Hey Ladies and Co, I have been single much of my life. I am now 20 years old, like two decades old, and still have not been in one relationship? Like what is wrong with me? All of my friends are in serious relationships and getting engaged and im just here in college alone. Are there any tips on getting a boyfriend? –Single and Old


Dear Single and old,

You are absolutely not old at all. You are in the prime of your life and you have an advantage in the dating arena…you have no baggage…at all! You’re fresh and innocent while still being mature and savvy. I am a true believe in fate, chance and destiny. If your prince charming hasn’t come along yet theres no need to lose hope because he is riding his chariot to you as we speak (type?) Take your focus off of wanting a guy and a relationship because you’ll end up more unhappy in an unfulfilled relationship. Good things come when you’re least expecting. Plus guys love a chase. Be so wrapped up in a hobby, art or passion of yours that the right guy will work hard to grab your attention. When he finally does…well whether he’s the right one or not at least you have a start.

-Aliah W


Hey Single and Old!

I’ve learned everyone is ready for relationships during different times in their lives and  God will send you your companion or other half when he feels the time is right so don’t sweat it too much! On the other hand you also have to appear available, not desperate , two totally different things. You can’t say you want a relationship and you’re not putting any time into trying to get one I don’t think you’re too old yet but maybe you really need to look within yourself and really have a conversation with yourself or a close honest friend regarding how you may come off to guys and what type of guy are looking for. Do you believe you could be wanting someone out of your league or are you standards too high. Have you always been  so focus on your work and you are just now thinking about dating? These are a real questions you need ask yourself and do you really believe your ready to date or are you afraid of being alone since all your friends have someone. When you answers these questions truly and pray about it you will find the answers you need and I’m sure it all will work out.

-A. Rochelle

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