Excerpt from a conversation to my HU little…

“Tanesha how’d you get so confident and happy? You’re life seems so perfect. ”

“I stopped allowing people into my head. And stopped listening to unqualified people’s opinion. The only qualified person who you should be listening to is yourself. I also stopped apologizing for who I am. If I want to wear my heart on my sleeve and be heartbroken every seven days, then I can do that. If I want to be naiive and young and curious, I can do that. No one can dictate who you are but you. And there’s no reason you should be apologizing for being who you are and who you want to be. And let’s just say in a month, you want to change who you are, guess what!? That’s okay! You can do that, and if people dislike you for changing your life around (hopefully in a positive manner), then you don’t need them in your life anyways. While not everyday is a good day. I work hard at being happy and making sure I’m only doing what makes me happy. And literally just cutting out all the things that make me unhappy, and just doing things that make me happy is how I’m so confident and happy. “


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