8 Things to make you feel better on a bad day.

Things to make you feel better on a bad day.

1. Do your hair and makeup, and just get super pretty for no reason other than you deserve it. Throw on some heels and walk around the mall.

2. Go get some comfort foods, like cupcakes, or French fries, or whatever comforts you. Or maybe get in a huge pile of blankets and relax and read.

3. Opposite of this would be to go and do an extremely hard core workout! What better what to feel better than to do something to make your body better.

4. Call an old friend, or a new friend and just catch up with them on their lives. Go hang out with someone you normally don’t. Do something!

5. Binge watch a new show on Netflix, or Hulu, or whatever you watch shows because why not. I personally recommend watch a bunch of weird movies on Netflix.

6. Look up pictures of cute puppies. Or funny videos of anything. Laugh and smile. Giggle.

7. Listen to some upbeat music! Turn off the sadness, and pump up the Dance Mix!

8. Explore some place in your town. Visit the library! Just go some where and spend some time just being in awe.

I hope this gets you out of your bad funk!

Keep It Classy,



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