Note to you

Note to you,

You matter.
Be patient enough to wait for the most perfect and beautiful love. It will come to you, and you will know it when you see it because God will reveal it to you. don’t seek love out because you’re lonely.
You are worth it.
Look at all the reasons why you should be giving up, and look how you’ve overcome each and ever challenge thrown at you. You are more than a conqueror.
You are a valuable member of society.
Queen, which is what you are, hold your standards high and true. Queens don’t step down from their thrones for nonsense. A Queen is a Queen with or without a King.
You fail to realize how lovely you really are. Inside and out.
Do not let your past hold you back from the incredible future that is coming your way. The past is the past, and nothing new is going on there. Move forward, and be happy.
Wear your skin, as your badge of honor.
Stop apologizing for things that are not your fault, and stop blaming others for things that are. Take responsibility for your actions, because they are yours.
You are appreciated and loved.
Quiet the noise in your mind. The only voices you should hear are God’s and your own. Stop renting spaces in your mind to people who refuse to pay rent, and are destroying your peace.
Be passionate about everything that matters to you.
Watch the company you keep. Because people will judge you based off of who you are around.
Keep the sun at your face.
You have to accomplish everything for yourself. Make you happy, no one else. It is all about you. Never lose sight of who is important. You are more important than everyone else, but God.
I am rooting for you.

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