Holiday Tips: Meeting the Parents.

So with the holidays coming up, many couples are about to embark on this “step” of meeting the parents. So we asked some lovely young men what advice they would give their significant other if they were about to meet their parents for the first time.

“My parents are super chill. I’d just tell her to be herself and try not to be nervous. It’d be different if it was my sister bringing a guy home.” – Quenton
“Just told her to be herself and to relax. Don’t force anything.” – Phillip
“Don’t be scared to talk to either parent directly. Confidence is definitely key. You don’t want to come in with this idea that they don’t like you. They just don’t know you and you don’t know them. SO take the opportunity to get to know them and let them get to know you. Both of y’all are coming in with a blank slate about each other. I obviously wanted you to meet them for a reason, let your personality shine. “ – Bruce
“Just be yourself.” – Andrew
“I’d tell her to just remain calm, parents can smell fear. I’d also tell her to just be respectful, and remain her humble self.” – Ras
“.. Just be yourself and to relax.. “ – Jose
“Um I would tell her to be her self and let the questions come in slowly .. Answer everything honestly and truthfully and try her best to relax.” – Parker
“I would be like…no cursing (if they do), be respectful, make conversation when in their presence for them to understand where you are coming from, don’t dress how I like you to dress (dress regular haha) , and just be yourself ” -Wilifred
“Be yourself. Don’t lie. That’s about it.” – Chrispus
“I’d tell her that they’re normal people. In my last 2 relationships my girlfriend thought it was a monumental step – meeting my parents. And she wife out trying to figure out how to make a good impression. Parents want to know 3 things: do you make my son happy, do you know how to carry yourself in public and what are your goals. Both times I told my girlfriend to RELAX. Trust me, a guy won’t ask a girl to meet his parents or let the situation happen if he thinks they won’t approve. Especially not his mom.” – Jordan G.
“Don’t be scared. Just be your polite kind self. His choice to date you is a reflection of the values they instilled in him. They’ll approve of you. “ – Elliot
“Just to be yourself.” – Kody
“Just to stay calm and be polite. Just don’t act crazy ratchet and stuff.” – Justin
“I would tell her to be herself and be open to conversation because my parents are going to talk to her.” – Marc
“I would tell her to display all those qualities that I like about her. Don’t be scared of my parents, they’re very open people and they won’t judge you at all. But most importantly be yourself and if I love having you around, then so will they! OH and smile!” – Charles
“Just be yourself and relax, basically. I’d never bring someone home that I couldn’t trust to handle that situation.” – Branford
“I would tell her to be herself, be happy and don’t talk about anything negative about your life or mines.” -Devon
“Well I always tell her to just relax. Be yourself. I am with you because I know you a a respectful person. I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t think you were respectful and goodwill towards my parents. It’ll all be okay just relax and be you. Your are a great person. “ – Charles
“Just be yourself and don’t worry about the negative things my mom might throw your way. “ – Mckenzie
“The advice I would give her would be: 1.  Relax, my parents are really cool people and they genuinely want to just get to know you. 2.  They are jokesters, so feel free to joke with them. 3.  My parents have dealt with all kinds of people, so no need to over compensate or try to downplay anything.” – Cordell
“Be yourself.” – David
Happy Holidays & Keep It Classy!

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