3…2…1… Resolution!

3…2…1… Resolution (introduction)

You know those things that everyone makes a fuss about at the end of every year, the thing where they pick one of the most seemingly impossible tasks and obsess with finishing it in 365 days? The thing where people swear up and down that they will do but by January 2nd it is already long forgotten and mentally (or physically) tossed away. These “things” are called Resolutions and they have been New Year’s tradition for years and years and years. It seems that many find more fun in making them and seeing who can break their promise the fastest than actually keeping up with a resolution. But the satisfaction of completing a New Year’s Resolution is a satisfaction many have never even experienced. Not. Even. Once. Resolutions have always meant a lot to me. Now I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but as a super organized, goal oriented borderline OCD freak, I just love the challenge of a deadline and a New Years Resolution is the ultimate challenge. I’m making this blog post into a three part series because yes I am THAT serious about resolutions. Plus someone has to know about all my super cool tried and true tricks for conquering the seemingly impossible Resolution. First you have to know what a resolution REALLY is. Then I’ll help you create one (or two, or a dozen) for the year. By that time you will be totally ready to learn how to grab your resolution by the reigns and ride it to success. I mean once again, not tooting my own horn *beep beep* but it has worked pretty marvelously for me in the past. Check back daily for each new post about how to turn your New Year’s Resolutions into New Year’s Results and make THIS year YOUR year.

– Aliah


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