3…2…1… Resolution! Part 1

Resolution (res•o•lu•tion) noun; a firm decision to do or not to do something.

The easiest way to define a resolution is strangely to define what it is not.

A Resolution Absolutely Is Not:

-A dare

Take yourself seriously or no one will. While you do want to pick a challenge, don’t set yourself up for the disappointment with something you KNOW you’re not going to do.

-A competition between you friends or pesky siblings.

If your super perfect older sister declares that she’s going to start working out every day don’t make that your resolution as well just to top her. Unless you two are going to encourage each other to keep up the goal and not nag each other about NOT doing what it is that neither of you was planning on anyways. Be mindful not to attempt to one up another person with your resolution.

– The Resolution is not a display for others

Don’t make a resolution to show off or belittle another person. Your resolutions are also not for anyone else’s scrutiny. Your resolution may seem too big, too small, too silly or too serious for some people. So be sure to share with those who will really encourage you, not discourage or talk you out of it.

Now, all Resolutions are not created equal. Through my experience I have met with three main types of resolutions that I have organized in what I think is easy to advanced levels.

-Starting Today Resolution (Easy)

The most basic of the resolutions. Starting on January 1 of whatever year, challenge yourself to take on a certain attitude or pick up a new positive habit and CONTINUE with it throughout the year! This is a beginner’s resolution, one of the easiest to conquer and a good, positive place to start.

-Never Will I Ever Resolution (intermediate)

This is a personal challenge resolution. During this year, with this resolution you will work very hard on your self-control. Set daily reminders to avoid, delete and erase that certain something (or someone) out of your life. The perfect resolution for the strong-minded, may not work so well on those easily swayed by temptation.

The End Result Resolution (advanced)

On December 31 of 201_ (fill in the blank) where do you hope to see yourself? What do you hope to claim, possess, lose? This is a resolution with a deadline, but the pro to this type of resolution is that you can start whenever you please. Perfect for those who work well under pressure and prefer project deadlines. Warning: might not work well for chronic procrastinators!

– Aliah

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