3…2…1… Resolution! Part 2

The Creation of a Resolution

Here is a short simple recipe for your perfect resolution.

Start with what you know: you know yourself better than anyone. You know what needs to be worked on, what’s attainable and where you really want to start with your new year. Make resolutions that you know are doable.

Throw out all basicness from your mind: “I’m going to work out” (toss) “I’m going to eat healthy” (trash) “I’m going to be nicer” (discard) We all know that’s a load of bull. Make actual challenges for yourself. “I’m going to live a healthier lifestyle.” (Add) Ok that’s cool and not impossible to do so a great place to start.

Sprinkle in small triumphs: So instead of forcing yourself into a 24 hour gym membership right away, maybe you can take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can eat that apple instead of the brownie. Small triumphs will encourage you to move on to bigger and better because I swear, once you get that first taste of success it’ll make you hunger for more.

Stir in constant reminders: When you make your resolution, remind yourself about it constantly. Just think about it all the time. Have it written in multiple places around your room. Put a quote pertaining to your resolution as your phone lock screen. Do whatever it takes to make sure you could never forget your resolution even if you tried.

Decorate with encouragement: Make up a cute slogan for yourself: 2015 the year of conquering fears. Whatever it is be your own PR person and inspire yourself. Be visual, crafty, sparkly, merry and bright!

Now put it in the pan and bake at 350 degrees… no but seriously, hopefully this recipe will produce delicious results for your year.


– Aliah

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