3…2…1… Resolution! Part 3

Resolving to Resolved

So just a few tips on keeping up with your Resolution:

 Constant Reminders

Talk about it, read about it, and write about it! Do what you can to keep it at the forefront of your mind so that you just couldn’t possible forget. Do some really annoying things like putting sticky notes on your mirror as a reminder or making your goal the lock screen on your phone. Also by talking about it with people you trust to encourage your goals, you allow someone else to help remind you about what you’re supposed to be doing (or not doing)

Make a Game Plan

Figure out what steps you need to take to reach your goal and continue with your improvement. Map out if you’re going to quit cold turkey or cut out your bad habit step by step. It may not work to start on January 1st but your planning definitely should.

Keep Moving Forward

So you decided that your resolution was to not complain but you just HAD to vent about this one bad day. That’s totally fine. No one cares but yourself, so let it out. You’ll find out that maybe it doesn’t make you feel better than all those times where you DIDN”T complain. Now you’ve learned a LESSON and that is a bonus for this year. Be stronger next time and keep moving forward.

Stay Encouraged

You already do many things fantastically. You are a gifted, amazing and beautiful person. Your resolutions are to make you better, not make you OVER. One mistake doesn’t mean you should quit. Be proud of yourself that you even realized what you need to change and took a step in the right direction. The road to completing a resolution is not going to be easy, so you will not make it through 365 days of challenging your human nature without a positive attitude about your situation.

Resolutions are so fun to do because you can SEE the change within you. Don’t go through another year of stagnancy. Wouldn’t you rather reach the end of 2015 and go WOW I remember where I was Jan 1 2014? I’m going to challenge you to feel that for yourself.

One of my favorite years was when I made the resolution to try new things. I was about 14 years old and was tired of being a picky eater, no fun type of kid. So I tried new foods, I talked to new people I went to new places and I learned SO much about myself. For example, that I really DO hate Mashed Potatos no matter how many times I try them but I love tomatoes although originally I would never touch them. I had more laughs, more memories, and I wasn’t boring anymore. This all actually carried with me all the way through high school and into college. I wasn’t afraid to run for new positions, join new clubs, say hey to groups of people I NEVER would have interacted with before. And just like that, a simple resolution really changed my life. Now that is very dramatic and not often the case with resolutions *flashback to the year I resolved to keep track my food and calories* but every year or so, you hit on a gem that just may change your life.

– Aliah

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