Motivational Monday: Conquering the Fear of the Unknown

As my friends and I’s undergrad years come to a close, we all come to the point of self-doubt, fear and confusion. We all are trying to figure out what’s next, did we take advantage of all the things accessible to us or are we even prepared for those next steps in life? Undergrad at an HBCU (historically black college/university) has spoiled us with amazing teachers and professors, who were there every step of the way but as we step into the real world we all have a little doubt.

I’ll speak for myself and say I am scared and overwhelmed because for some reason I’m really starting to doubt my ability to succeed. We all have a fear of failure but we can’t let that fear scare us from succeeding in life. Nothing in life will come easy, everyday things become more challenging to abstain but you have to fight through it. You can have a little pity party because I have those but you can’t let that party take over your life, or overwhelm you. We have to take the steps in order to succeed, talking to some of your professors, researching up on the different steps, planning ahead, having multiple plans, and being ready to step out on faith. Our first and best step is talking to our professors because they have gone through similar paths and situations. Yes that can be scary but it’s worth a shot down your road of success.

This semester is the time to get out of your comfort zone because your time is winding down. Let’s get out of a comfort zone, get out of our pity party and get ready to conquer the rest of our college years. We can do this!

-A. Rochell


One thought on “Motivational Monday: Conquering the Fear of the Unknown

  1. courtjg says:

    As a recent graduate (got my diploma is September), i can tell you that it IS in fact scary. I interviewed for my current job while finishing up my internship and it was the scariest thing in the world not knowing what to do, because for 5 years (4 years undergrad and 1 year grad-school) i had professors telling me what to do, when the deadlines were and what the next step was. And when i finished my internship it was like “uhm…now what?” I would not call myself a grown up (I live at home with my parents to save money, in order to go back to grad school again) but not having that safe bubble of college is scary, but so liberating. You’re going to do great things, I can feel it. You’re determined and seem smart. Don’t let the fear of graduating overwhelm you, let it drive you to get the job you want and live the life you want as a young adult. Good Luck!

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