“Your work is easier than our work. So it is easier to get a better grade.”

Long time no post. As you all may know I am currently studying in Spain with the University of Virginia. I have neglected my own personal blog as well as skyping my mother because I have just been so busy with enjoying Spain and getting good grades.

SN: I got an A on my first paper in Spain today. It was of course written completely in Spanish. Go me!!!

However, there has been something on my mind lately that I need to clear. Now I don’t know if the person who said this to me reads our blog here ant Ladies and Co. I am going to assume no since they are of the opposite sex and sometime the blog does not really pertain to them.

I am pretty sure we have touched on the subject about the work at predominantly white schools or state schools being harder to obtain good grades and how at HBCU’s the students hand is held throughout college. Keep in mind that the people who say these things attend state schools and have never had the experience of being at an HBCU, private college, or a small college. I am a firm believer that a 4.0 GPA is a 4.0 no matter where you got it from. At the end of the day a future employer will rarely look at your transcript to determine whether or not you are the right person for the job.

Now that I have a had a slight taste of the workload at a state school, I can make an accurate judgement for myself:

The work is all the same. 

Let me tell you why.

At an HBCU, we still have to read as much as every other college or university in the world. We write papers and do research. The only thing that is different that people may mistake for “harder” is I don’t have homework every night. Every time I got to class my professor does not give me an assignment that may or may not have to be turned in. I may have three assignments a whole semester and that is my grade. THAT is what makes it SEEM easier. Yes I may have more access to my teachers instead of a TA that really may only know as much as what the teacher taught them. But the work is all the same.

So when my friend said to me “Well your work is easier than mine.” or this about a friend switching from an HBCU to a predominantly white school “I think he is starting to understand how hard school is now because he isn’t at X school.” I get frustrated because THE LEVEL OF WORK IS THE SAME!! It has nothing to do with the HBCU “holding my hand” They let you fall just like any other professor would if you don’t do the work. Now they may check on you to make sure everything is okay or that you may want to drop the class but the work is no easier. In all honesty I haven’t had this much work to do since I was in high school, that’s the only thing that is stressing me out.

Again, this discussion could go on forever and ever. I don’t want my rant and my personal observation to keep you from reading Ladies and Company. I just had to get that off my chest and share what I have experienced thus far.

Peace, Love and Joy



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