Sometimes I just get into these random moods to just clean absolutely everything. It is not very often, however it does happen, and I literally drop everything to clean. In your life, you can experience the same feeling. Feelings of cluttered-ness or there are too many people in your life, or there is too much drama, or taking up head space, or your are more concerned about them, than yourself. You just need to kindly get rid of these people. Like your no-good ex boyfriend or girlfriend, who keeps stringing you along, and you know is a bad influence. You should most definitely get rid of them first.  Ex’s that have no business being in your phone, or in your life. This goes the same for people who have hurt you in unforgivable ways. So take some time out this weekend to clean out your phone of all the old people. Including people you don’t talk to anymore, like your friend from fifth grade, who you haven’t talked to or seen since then. Be sure to also get rid of people who only talk to you when they are in need of something, like help on homework, needs your notes, or to take them some place because they don’t have a car. I am pretty sure that at least one or two people came to mind, get rid of them! The mind never lies, its strictly unbiased.

You only need people in your life who need you. Friendship is a mutual, give-and-take type of relationship. You have to be strong enough to get rid of, and let go of people who you don’t need in your life anymore. Now, I’m not saying get rid of everyone, and be a loner. You know exactly who it is and who these people are, who are not benefiting your life. If a relationship, romantic or otherwise, is no longer beneficial, stop participating in it. You’re not trying to be mean, or hurtful or hateful, but my mother always says “everyone cannot go, where God is taking you.” This means that sometimes its okay to let people go. I know for me personally, I used to be somewhat of a friend hoarder. I needed friends. No matter how wrong you treated me, or how much our lives no longer aligned, we were still going to be friends regardless. And honestly that was the worst thing because then I started blaming myself for all the bad things they were doing! I don’t want you to go through that like I did. So be sure to clean out your life thoroughly, and just remember if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself out of more happiness.

Keep It Classy,



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