My Top 10 Things To Do on a Snow Day

My school rarely ever gives us snow days, even if the weather is scary and dangerous! But on the rare occasion that they do, like today I always to to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the “mini break.” So here are some of my top ways to spend a snow day!

1. Drink Hot Chocolate! Someone in your dorm is bound to have some mix. Just pop it in the microwave and make it work. I personally don’t care for hot chocolate, but I love some ice cold water! I usually sit it by a window to be cold when I wake up!
2. Read a good book. I love snuggling in some warm cozy clothes like sweatpants and a huge sweater and reading a book! If you don’t have access to a book, you may want to check if your local Library uses OverDrive. It’s like an E-book library, that uses your library card number to check out books! I absolutely love it!
3. Sleep in! Who doesn’t love sleeping in? I love the amount of extra sleep I get! Sometimes I even get a nap in!
4. Be productive! I am not always most productive when I literally have nothing to do! I always try get extra homework done, and work ahead on assignments. I try, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
5. Have a movie day/ catch up on all your shows. I love binge watching things on Netflix! It is like my guilty pleasure. It’s even more fun to invite some friends over, and watch movies and shows together! I suggest everyone watch The Walking Dead on Netflix… It’s AMAZING!
6. Mediation! I love mediating. It always has been such a stress and anxiety reliever for me. I always put on a zen music station on pandora, and just relax.
7. Sit and do nothing. Sometimes all we need in life is a lazy day. What better day to do it, than on a snow day.
8. Do some early “spring cleaning!” You can clean out your closet and get together clothes to donate to goodwill or the Salvation Army.
9. Take snow picture! Even if you just go outside for thirty minutes to get your pictures it’s always worth it! Or the alternative have an indoor selfie party in your room! Below are some of my snow selfies 🙂

10. Read stuff on Ladies and Company! This maybe a shameless plug, however you could always check out our posts on here! There are nearly 200 blog posts on here, I’m sure you won’t get through them all. You know you want to! 🙂

All in all, snow days are meant for relaxation and fun! Stay Warm!

Keep It Classy

-T. Renae

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