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So in the second week of February, I decided that I wanted to start back reading more. I felt like in college, I don’t get to read as much and it was making me very sad. I grew up reading so much, and then once I hit college I stopped. I missed it so much. Anyways. So here are the review of the five books I have read since starting my book reading challenge on February 9th, and the links to buy them. I personally did not buy all of these books, I rented them from my local library through the OverDrive app via e-books.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova 

So I read this book because I saw the movie trailer and I am one of those people, who if I see a movie trailer based off a book, I have to read the book. I probably won’t go see the movie, because I am picky about movies and this book would have to be done perfectly to work. I also am a psychology major at Hampton University and last semester I took a neurological psychology class, which we spent a good portion of the semester talking about Alzheimer’s Disease. It is about a 50-year old professor at Harvard University: Alice. She is married to another professor at Harvard, and they have grown-up children that are all on separate paths. So in addition to her everyday stressors, and life, she finds out that she has Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. The story is basically about how Alice and her family deal with her new diagnosis and her descent into Alzheimer.  So the book was beautifully written. It starts off in this “highly educated” tone of voice (if that makes sense) of this simplistic language. Which it was very interesting because it is done in a way that you won’t realize it until the end. In my opinion it was done to show Alice’s descent into Alzheimer’s. The author was highly knowledgeable about the subject, and you could tell she did her research on the subject – an extensive amount of research. I truly enjoyed this book, however it is not for the weak hearted. It is not sad, but it is not a super happy book either. I overall loved the book, and I could not stop reading for anything. I seriously enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!

The Boleyn King by Laura Andersen

So if you like historical fiction, or Philippa Gregory Books, or The Tudors This is the book for you. (Alright confession – I copied this from the book of the book, but it is EXTREMELY accurate. I love historical fiction. I never grow tired of it, however I cannot read it whenever. I have to be in the mood to read it. So this book is about what would’ve happened if Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry the VIII had a son, and consequently saving her life and upholding her Queen-ship. The book follows Anne’s son William, Anne’s daughter Elizabeth, Will’s best friend Dominic and Elizabeth’s best friend Minuette, and their lives, and the issues of England, and Will’s Kingship. The book was surprisingly good. I have read books before that try to be like the Gregory book series, but this had its own unique feel to it. This is a truly “What If,” book, every turn and twist in the book was well thought out. I truly enjoyed the book. I don’t want to say too much about the book because I want every one to read it and enjoy it for themselves. The book was very interesting, because it went through each person’s perspective, but not in a choppy way. It transitioned very smooth, showed each event from each of the characters’ mind and what they thought of everything. It was really refreshing, I did not think I would like the book to be honest. However when I started the book, I was instantly wrapped into it, and COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!

Sunday’s at Tiffany’s by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet 

This is a book starts out about a little lonely girl by the name is Jane, and her imaginary friend Michael. Jane’s mother is a very powerful and influential producer, but only has time for her daughter on Sundays, to look at jewelry at Tiffany’s. Michael leaves Jane on her ninth birthday, and she is supposed to forget him and then the book transitions into her adulthood life. Then Jane just happens to run into Michael later in life and things unfold thus far. The book is to me, balances between real life and imagination. Now this book is simple read, but there has a lot background information so that you can really get to know each character individually. While this is not one of my favorite James Patterson book, it was well written and a quick read. The structure was interesting, alternating between Jane and Micheal’s point of view. It is a cute little love story that has some very intense twists at the end to keep you guessing. I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to get back into reading, or wants to transition from young adult books to “adult” fiction.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This book was completely out of my comfort zone as far as books go. The book is about Samantha, who dies, and then gets a second chance at life. Then keeps re-living the last day of her life. Each time she re-lives her life, she uncovers something new about her death, as well as altering the ways in which she dies a few times. This book was very well put together. It places you right inside of the head of a popular girl’s head, and every emotion you feel as well, even Samantha’s frustration as she keeps re-living her life. The book didn’t feel trite, or receptive as someone would think with the reliving of the life of Samantha. I personally felt like the book had a very good unexpected ending, and ended with me feeling very content with how everything turned out in Samantha’s life. I don’t know how exactly how to explain it, but it is a written, thought-provoking book.

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand.

I have just finished reading this book. The book just came out last month (which I just found out). It was recommended to me through the overdrive app based on Before I Fall. It is really good. The book was incredibly sad, but heartwarming and distinct. The book follows a girl named Alexis, or Lex, a senior in high school right after her younger brother, Tyler, commits suicide. The book highlights how Lex deals with the death of her brother, and her life after, in addition to her parents’ divorce, high school BS, and more. This book really touched me. While I have never known anyone to commit suicide, it seriously hurts me when people die. I am very sensitive. Anyways. I thought the book was sad but had a happy ending, even if it wasn’t what I expected. I loved how at the end of the book, the author tied the entire thing together and it all clicked. All the pieces of the puzzle are solved within the last two chapters, which resolved a lot of my unanswered questions. The book definitely touches on a lot of subjects, but in a good way to somewhat expose you to the emotions that a person goes through when a loved one takes their life. Overall, great read, it may take you a few days to read because it is overwhelming emotionally, but in a good way. (Fun Fact: I started putting together this review, and then saved it to be posted and about an hour later I finished this book! How Cool!)

I am always looking for new things to read, not just to review, but I love books and reading! So What are some of your favorite books, be sure to comment below and let me know! I would love to hear them!

Keep It Classy, 



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