Book Review: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult 

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Leaving Time By Jodi Picoult

So Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors!!! I read all of her books, and own a good number of them. Whenever I think I know what’s going to happen in her one of her books, she steers in the opposite direction. Leaving Time was no different. Leaving Time is about a 13 year old girl named Jenna, who desperately searches for her mother who sudden disappears at an accident, ten years ago. Her mother is a scientist who studies the cognition and grief behaviors in elephants (Fun Fact: Elephants are my favorite animal! I’ve loved them since I was a little girl). The book uses elephants as a common thread between Jenna and her distant mother. What is great about the book, is there are so many elephant “fun facts” throughout the book, I felt like I learned a lot about elephants! Jenna teams up with two people who reluctantly at first, help her on her quest to find her mother. The book has a very twisty but beautifully put together plot, that will make you have to go back and read certain parts to understand. This book is great. It starts out moderately paced, but as Jenna under overs more answers to her mother’s whereabouts that lead to more questions that lead to dead ends and then more answers, the the book races towards the resolution, which you won’t be expecting I promise. I will say it all makes complete sense at the end of what exactly happened, how, and why. The end of the book still has me thinking how did I not see this coming, all the signs and signals were there, but literally I just didn’t catch it (and I normally catch most things!). This book was wonderfully written, and I will probably be reading it again in the future!

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