Love Yourself Challenge Week One: Write a Love Letter to Yourself

So the Ladies and Company crew has decided to do a 7 week challenge where each of us tackle a week of loving ourselves and becoming better God-fearing, educated women. This week we all wrote love letters to ourselves, and I was the one to choose to publish mine on the blog. I have been working this letter all week because this week started off a little rough. Although I cried for about 2 hours total Monday, but I did not let my thoughts and tears keep me in the rut I was in. That being said I was able to successfully sit down and write a love letter to myself. Here it goes…

Dear Averi,

Let me tell you girl, you are something else. But that something else is what I love so much about you. You have come a long way and college has been the best part about learning to love yourself. The friends you’ve made and the people you’ve come across have all been part of this evolving love in some shape, and for that you should be eternally grateful. Honey, you are a queen with respect and dignity not only for yourself but for the people around you. You are transforming into the woman God wants you to be.

You smile more, and someone who knew you then, and still do now, can tell. It lights up the room when you flash it. Every time I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror I have to do a double take because that is not the same girl that smiled in the 11th grade because she had her first boyfriend. You know the one you assumed would make you happy? Well I am glad you got over that and found out that the only happiness that matters is the happiness that you give yourself, and that smile has become exuberant, because it resonates from the love you have for yourself deep down in your heart.

You know that nose that I used to catch you in the mirror trying to make smaller? Telling yourself, “when I get some money, I am going to tell a plastic surgeon just to pinch it here so it doesn’t spread across my face like the Grand Canyon does Arizona.” Well you have a nose like your ancestors and I know you are ecstatic and proud to be of African heritage. Love yourself that much more and breathe in all the air you need to because you deserve it, you are royalty and you know better than to let someone tell you otherwise.

4b/4c hair is kinky, nappy, wiry, zig-zaggy, with no true curl pattern. It tickles me when people say that girls with ringlet curls that can get wet and come out perfect is considered “good natural hair.” CLEARLY, they don’t run in the same circles as you because your hair is gorge!!! Your twist outs, bantu knot outs, braids, and updo’s are always fly. That fro of unruly hair is one of the many crowns God gave you, so wear it with grace because you are a child of the most high God.  I mean, I liked you with the perm in your hair, but I love you with that natural that doesn’t always act right. You remember the difference between like and love, right? Well love is a lot stronger and you can like someone or something without loving it and vice versa, but love is something that once you have it, it usually never goes away. (By the way I love the natural look against your cocoa brown skin. Your skin itself is a topic I can love on forever but I will leave that for the next letter.)

Can I get personal with you? Well I absolutely love your body. I often time catch myself staring at you when you pass by the mirror because that body is bangin’! Don’t listen to what other people say about you needing to be skinnier here or tighten this because you pretty much rock anything you put on your body. You’ve realized that it isn’t about what you have on, its about the confidence that radiates from within. From your legs to your thighs to your hips everything is perfect the way it is. Every blemish and scar depicts the journey you took to get to this place of self-love. Even the breasts that would make you the president of the “itty bitty titty committee” are amazing because you are amazing and as your grandfather used to tell you, “I love you all the way from your head to your big toe.”

Okay so I want to stray away from your physical beauty, because honestly being in love with the superficial part isn’t the best part about loving you. Some psychologists may argue that I don’t love your inner beauty as much because I didn’t list it first. Well, let me tell you that is not true, honestly I love soo much about your inner beauty that I couldn’t find the words to write but bear with me as I try to capture the love I have for the best parts of you.

Lets start with your personality. The genuine care you have for everyone you meet is not an easy trait to have because it can be taken for weakness, but just because it isn’t easy doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. I love it because you are able to relate and empathize with people. You do not judge them but merely listen to wat they have to say and care about what they are saying. I have to say that listening is your greatest skill and it comes in handy because so many people listen to respond when you listen to lend an ear. Another trait that I admire is that you never make people feel uncomfortable. What I mean is, you may not talk to someone for a long time and it is almost as if you pick the last conversation you had with that person as if you saw them the day before. People trust you and you trust yourself. Getting to the next level is not more important than getting to know people. It’s all part of your spirit and who you are, your beautiful spirit. Those are some beautiful traits to possess. It only makes sense though, because YOU are beautiful in every way.

Your confidence. I love it because I can see it grow often. You push yourself to new heights and you conquer them no matter how scared you get about what’s on the other side of the fence you are not scared to try it, or admit you failed if it didn’t work out, and that honesty is oh so lovable. I love the growth I have seen since you’ve gotten back from Spain. It’s the right amount.

Your temperament. This may sound weird but I love that you are an ambivert. I love that you lean towards the introverted side but still can go out and party when necessary. I think that contributes to your trustworthiness as well because people can always count on you not to leave them hanging. I love that it has prepared you to be observant, and able to interact with various people. It taps into your leadership where you don’t have to be in the limelight but prefer to help your subordinates reach the common goal of the group.

I could go on and on about the things I love about you but then this letter would be longer than it is now. The bottom line is I love me some you. You have come a long way with loving yourself and I hope that you continue the journey and if you stray, always find your center again. You have amazing people in your life that helped you get here and you have done a lot of the work yourself. Keep it up and I cannot wait to see how much more you love yourself and your life in a few years. Always remember you are a beautiful person inside and out and I literally love you from your head to your big toe, inside and out.

Be safe and keep your crown up!

Love always,


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