Happiness: The Inside Job!

Tips on making your life more genuinely happy! I feel like sometimes we get so caught up in the complacency of life. Then become super content with doing the same day to day things, every single day. I just felt like my life was too content. So I have been making a more conscious effort, to make my life genuinely happier.
  1. Realize you are not going to be happy every single day of your life. Life is hard sometimes, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the day to day stressors, life choices, and the world.
  2. Avoid Stress and Confrontation. For me, I try to plan out almost everything out. So my goals, instead of having to stress about how I am going to accomplish them, with my plan of action sheets, I have a step by step plan of what I need to do to accomplish it. And the confrontation section, I just don’t deal with it. I avoid it at all costs. If a person around me is getting hostile or angry, I walk away. Try to be the bigger person in everything.
  3. Don’t judge nor compare. The more you judge people and compare yourself to them, the less happy you will be. I always think of life as this “perception of reality”, and everyone has their own perceptions, so who I am to judge their perception when my perception may be weird to them.
  4. Take risks, face your fears! Get that adrenaline pumping! I always take life by the handlebars. Life starts and happens outside of your comfort zone!
  5. Just ride the wave. When things in your life start to go array, just go with it. God may be directing you to a new direction that you couldn’t see already. Riding the wave is sometimes difficult for me, because I like to plan and I am very Type A personality.
  6. Choose to be happy. I firmly believe that Happiness is a choice. Choose to look on the bright side of things, even when it is hard. You can do it!

Share your tips on being more genuinely happy below!!

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