How To Make A Care Package

How to make a care package! So as most people know I am a military girlfriend, so my boyfriend and I spend a significant amount of time apart. So what I’ve started doing is sending him care packages! I plan on keeping this up when he get deployed, and such. So here are the steps I follow when I am making one.

  1. Come up with a theme (and stick with it). Trust me on this! Pick the theme before doing anything else, because you don’t want to get half way through making the box, and then decide on a theme, and have to start over. Save yourself some headache.
  2. Decide on everything you want to put in the box. I try to keep the things in the box somewhat aligned with the theme of the box. I often make a list of everything I want to go in the box.
  3. Next, I make a shopping list, because there is bound to be something you want to go in the box, that you don’t have readily available in your home. This will save you the hassle of running back and forth to the store every time you think of something else you need. I try to get everything at the dollar store or Walmart to save on costs!
  4. Get the box and start decorating the interior. I get those flat rate boxes from the post office, because I can just go and pick up the box without any questions asked or paying for the box immediately. I normally get like two or three in case I mess up one, because I am not perfect when it comes to crafts. So for the last boxes I’ve used wrapping paper to cover the interior of the box, but it is so flimsy and easily ripped. This most recent box, I used poster board and cut it, and I am a lot happier with the results. It seems so much more sturdy and won’t rip as soon as my boyfriend opens the boxIMG_4413
  5. After letting the box dry (if you used glue) and get settled. I being to put all the fun stuff inside. Some suggestion of items to go in the box are: non-perishable food, candy, pictures, “open when…” letter (which are so awesome but take a bit of time, so plan AHEAD), and whatever else you can think of! Try to put the items in strategically so that when the box is put through the mail, nothing will be too damaged! Remember it is the thought that counts!IMG_4415IMG_4416
  6. Head to the Post Office and Mail the box! You’re done – your special someone will love the gift, partially because of all the cool things they’re getting, but mostly because you thought enough of them to send this amazing package!!
Have you ever thought of making a care package? Share your comments below!
Keep It Classy,
-T. Renae
**Special Shout Out to my Father for helping me make the BEST box, I’ve ever made.**

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