Week 5: Treat Yourself

We have made it to week 5 of the “Love Yourself Like a Queen Challenge,” and this week was a great one. This week we were supposed to treat ourselves. I have been treating myself since my 21st birthday 2 weeks ago but this week I did a special treat. I did what India Arie did: Had a private party.

My party on lasted about an hour and a half but it was great! Just for reference the song goes:

I’m havin’ a private party

Ain’t no one here but me, my angels and my guitar

Singing baby look how far you’ve come, yeah

I’m havin’ a private party

Learning how to love me

Celebrating the woman I’ve become yeah

That’s just the chorus but if you have a chance, go check it out!

I silenced my phone as to not to be disturbed by group messages and emails. I drew a bath and turned the lights off as I enjoyed myself in total darkness and silence. Everything was still. Once out, I bumped some India starting off with the song Private Party, and danced around the house. I wrote some new affirmations to stick to my bathroom mirror. After that I got dressed did my hair and make-up and headed out to the town to have some soul food with my family. Something I rarely eat but utterly enjoy. I even had a drink because, hey, I am 21 now! It was great. I encourage everyone to have a private party every now and then where you are not focused on anything or anyone but yourself, and loving the woman you’ve become.

Peace, Love and Harmony,


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