Dear Stressed Virgin,

Hi Ladies and Co. I’m in high school (10th grade), and all my friends are not virgins… I am still a virgin. should I feel like a lame, because I still am? Should this bother me the way it does? I’m so stressed about it. – Stressed Virgin.

Dear Stressed Virgin,

Don’t let your friends indirectly pressure you to lose the most precious gift that you have. True story, I almost lost mine because I didn’t want to be seen as a lame in college. But it was a great decision to wait because I realized that there is still a significant amount of people in the world that are virgins and proud to be one. I am really glad I did not just throw my virginity away because I would most likely regret it now because I am not ready. I know that when the time is right and I decide to lose my virginity it will feel right. It shouldn’t bother you nor stress you out. When you are ready to lose it, and the time is right, you will know. But for now just focus on school, graduating, and wear your virginity badge proud!

Keep It Classy,



4 thoughts on “Dear Stressed Virgin,

  1. Allison Jones says:

    As a soon to be marriage and family counselor and a longtime mentor, I must say, your advice is perfect! Young girls face so much pressure these days. I thought it was bad 10 short years ago when I was 15…but now with the increased popularity of social media, I cannot even imagine! I have a niece entering the 10th grade and I’m so glad that we have such an open relationship so I can communicate with her about similar issues. Keep up the good work!

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones

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