Relationship Goals – Nah, Self Goals

Every week or so, I see a new picture of some couple doing something average (on the rare occasion, something extraordinary), with the caption “#RelationshipGoals.” Now I am not knocking relationships, or these relationships goals, but wouldn’t it be awesome if some of these people who are doing these relationship goals, also advocated for self-goals? What do you want to accomplish and take a bomb picture of? You shouldn’t have to wait until you are in a relationship to go swimming in an ocean, or skydiving, or going out to a fancy restaurant. So I encourage everyone who reads this blog to indulge in some “Self Goals.” Think about every Relationship Goal You have/had and write it down. Kinda like a bucket list, but you’re nowhere close to dying, but a step closer to living life to the fullest.

Here are some items on my “Self Goals” list!
Donate blood 
Pull an all-nighter
Organize a day of free hugs on campus 
Weekend road trip somewhere wild
Go vegan/vegetarian for a week 
Go to a school play 
Learn to play piano
Go to the beach and study!
Learn to solve a Rubix cube
Workout every day for 100 days. 
Meditate for 10 minutes for 100 days 
Go technology-free for a week. 
Go to a midnight premiere of a movie (Probably going to be Hunger Games’ Mockingjay Part 2!)
Get belly button pierced 
Carved initials into tree 
It’s only right that you document your “Self-Goals” with Instagram pictures!
So I went on a Weekend Excursion (my boyfriend, just so happened to go). But we went to a Music Festival and then stayed the weekend in a new town!
What are some of yourself Goals? Share them in the comments and I’ll add some to my list, and hopefully you can add some to yours!
Keep It Classy,

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